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A collection of all my vegetarian and vegan recipes
In this category you can find recipes for vegan and vegetarian meals and ideas. I’ve made a collection here underneath with everything from vegan cookies, lasagna, tofu and pasta recipes and other meatless dishes. But you can also find smoothie recipes, soups, bread and bakery. You’ll find hundreds of delicious recipes for just about any occasion. Search by you favourite cuisine, category, ingredient or meal type. And the perfect and most delicious recipe is just minutes away.

I always try to make my recipes easy to make and I try to use as few ingredients as possible. Therefore all my ingredients are in very good quality, good for our environment and furthermore good for all four seasons. But the food has to be delicious and tasty. Due to that you can always customize my recipes for your own specific needs and wants. As a result these healthy recipes probably makes children ask for another portion, while adults will ask for the recipe. I hope you can use some of these recipes!


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