vegan curry with vegetables

Vegan Cauliflower Curry

16 January 2020

This Vegan Cauliflower Curry is made with small bouquets of cauliflower, lentils, vegetables, coconut milk and strong, spicy curry taste. Topped with beautiful green coriander and served with flatbreads and couscous. One of the best lebanese inspired dishes I could think of! Perfect way to start the week (and january …

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Hi, I'm Michala. I work as a photographer - and cook easy vegan recipes. Healthy and simple food made with good fats, fruit, whole grains and vegetables.
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Easy Pappardelle Pasta with tomatoes and pesto

Vegan Pappardelle Pasta – In 10 minutes

12 January 2020

This simple Vegan Pappardelle Pasta with soft tomatoes and mushrooms, tasty green pesto, salt and pepper is the ultimate weekday go-to. You don’t have any Pappardelle Pasta? Don’t stress, you can use ANY pastas for this dish. Just be aware …

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vegan pea patty bowl with potato salad

Vegan Pea Patties

07 January 2020

Green and Healthy Vegan Pea Patties! Full of protein and you can add all vegetables you want. Served with a cold potato salad. You’ve asked for this recipe in such a long time, so here it is! A special pea …

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One-Tray Vegan Gnocchi Recipe

One-Tray Vegan Gnocchi

06 January 2020

One-Tray Vegan Gnocchi. Started this new year with the easiest and most delicious vegan tray ready in only 30 minutes. Not last time I’m making this, and I’m actually working on more of these easy one-tray and one-pot vegan recipes! …

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easy vegan broccoli bouquets

Vegan Deep Fried Broccoli

04 January 2020

These Vegan Deep Fried Broccoli Wings are such an easy vegan recipe that both kids and adults will love for sure.I think it’s one of the best broccoli recipes I’ve made so far. So crispy and gets a broccoli wings …

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micadeli food blog vegetarian and vegan recipes

Welcome to my food blog 👋🏻
My name is Michala, but my friends call me Mica or Micadeli.
I'm based in Copenhagen, working as a food photographer for magazines and this food blog – full of easy vegan recipes for everyone made with simple ingredients.
I’ve been eating vegetarian food the last 4 years, but haven’t always been good at making recipes. Just as much as I love simmering food for hours in the weekends, I also enjoy easy and quick dinner during the week.
I’m a huge family-lover, I often enjoy the small and good things in life, I’m enormously interested in photography - and have a big collection of cook and travel books.
I love almost every kind of vegetables, and can not live without pasta, sourdough bread and coffee.

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Both recipes from this blog but also everyday snaps from the week.
Besides easy vegan and vegetarian food, I also make gluten free and healthy sugar free recipes. Get more inspiration and follow me underneath. 

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