Sweet treats

Vegan tasty sweet treats, cakes and dessert recipes.
A lot of my cakes and sweet recipes are bot egg-free and dairy-free which means I don’t use conventional animal products. But you will also find other traditionel cake and dessert recipes. Sometimes I use good plant based products instead – like coconut milk, oil, plant butter, almond milk etc. Actually it makes many cakes even more delicious because of the creaminess and sweetness (that’s actually just my little secret). Vegan sweet treats, cakes or snacks will be better than you could ever expect. And I promise you, some of these vegan cake recipes will be one of the best you’ll ever eat..

If you have a recipe using conventional flour you can always use buckwheat flour instead. Sometimes almond or rice flour. But you can read in every recipe description what a prefer for each recipe. A very necessary ingredient for a lot of sweets and cakes = is salt. Don’t be lazy with the salt. Especially when you make recipes using chocolate – it’s so necessary for a perfect taste..


chocolate apple tart recipe micadeli

Chocolate Apple Tart

Vegan and gluten free Chocolate Apple Tart topped with homemade apple roses. Delicious and beautiful – perfect for an autumn and winter dessert recipe. This gluten free and vegan chocolate apple pie is a quick and savory autumn/winter chocolate recipe. The autumn season is still here and full of favorite warm desserts to make. I …

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danish vegan cinnamon rolls like kanelsnurrer

Vegan Cinnamon Rolls

My BEST Vegan Cinnamon Rolls – The ultimate recipe for a fluffy, perfectly sweet, and melt-in-your-mouth result! After practicing this recipe a lot the last 2 years I’ve made my own dream vegan cinnamon recipe. In the beginning I though the vegan result would never turn out as good as the ‘traditional’ cinnamon bun recipe. …

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healthy chocolate cookies with oats

Healthy Chocolate Cookies

Healthy chocolate cookies with oats. The best healthy chocolate cookies full of oats. A perfect afternoon biscuit snack with the gooey chocolate pieces! An easy recipe ready in only 15 min and taste incredible – warm out of the oven. I used a lot of oats for this recipe, a little more than traditional oatmeal …

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chocolate brownies

Vegan chocolate brownies

My easy and delicious recipe for vegan chocolate brownies: Gooey, nutty and seriously chocolaty, these vegan brownies are a total joy to eat. This is one of the first brownie recipe I’ve made since eating more vegan that tastes this good and it’s so simple to make (no fancy ingredients here). Earliere I’ve also made …

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strawberry ice cream vegan

Strawberry ice cream

For me ice cream is a pleasure all year around. You don’t need to wait for summer and all the good seasonal strawberries to come. It’s always good to buy seasonal, but when fruits or vegetables are in season I can recommend buying a heap and freezing it for smoothies or ice cream. Or else …

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Flapjacks with dark chocolate

Sweet, gooey and crispy flapjacks. Flapjacks is one of my favorite snacks when life doesn’t need to be that healthy all the time. This recipe is full of sweet goodness, but you can easily omit the sugar ingredients and add some more healthy ones instead; coconut oil, dates, and peanut butter instead of plant butter …

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chocolate cake vegan frosting

Brownies with cacao frosting

These brownies with cacao frosting are one of my favorite recipes ever. They are the softest, sweetest, moistest, chocolatey bites ever, and then this recipe is actually very easy to make, with no added sugar and only naturel ingredients, and the sea salt flakes are perfect on top. Salt/chocolate is just always a great combo for …

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sweet potato brownies vegan

Sweet potato brownies

Sweet potato brownies with hazelnuts on top. Gooey sweet potato brownies ~ who’s ready to taste these. I know it might sounds weird, but these pieces taste absolutely delicious. This recipe is easy to make and because of the ingredients they are actually quite healthy. The first times I made this recipe I thought it was …

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chocolate brownie recipe

Classic vegan chocolate cake

Gooey, yummy – and easy classic vegan chocolate cake. I’ve tried to make the most simple and easy vegan chocolate cake recipe I could think of. Still with a lot of taste, classic vegan ingredients, just a little sweetness and decorated with a lot of beautiful toppings; whipped soy cream with tasty lemon, berries, fruits …

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banana bread vegan

Classic chocolate banana bread

Banana bread with chocolate: Cake recipe: (Start preheat your oven to normal 200c degrees) • 1,5 dl flour (1 cup) • 1 teaspoon baking powder • 1 teaspoon baking soda • 2 dl of cacao powder (1 cup) • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract • a big pinch of salt Mix all the dry ingredients in a big …

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vegan meringue cake raspberries

Vegan Meringue Raspberry Cake

Vegan meringue raspberry cake – The best recipe: Last summer I baked this beautiful meringue cake. This is a vegan meringue cake with raspberry cream in the middle and fresh seasonal raspberries on the side, and this recipe uses vegan ‘aquafaba’ (chickpea water) in place of traditional eggs. Is that possible? And does it taste …

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Danish hindbærsnitter

Danish hindbærsnitter – yum to these sweet danish raspberry bites: In Denmark we call them ‘hindbærsnitter’, which is one of my all-time favorite Danish pastries! Actually it’s not that healthy, it’s full of good tasty plant butter, sugar and berry compote – but I promise you, it taste absolutely delicious! It’s a perfect treatment after …

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