Sweet treats

Vegan tasty sweet treats, cakes and dessert recipes.
A lot of my cakes and sweet recipes are bot egg-free and dairy-free which means I don’t use conventional animal products. But you will also find other traditionel cake and dessert recipes. Sometimes I use good plant based products instead – like coconut milk, oil, plant butter, almond milk etc. Actually it makes many cakes even more delicious because of the creaminess and sweetness (that’s actually just my little secret). Vegan sweet treats, cakes or snacks will be better than you could ever expect. And I promise you, some of these vegan cake recipes will be one of the best you’ll ever eat..

If you have a recipe using conventional flour you can always use buckwheat flour instead. Sometimes almond or rice flour. But you can read in every recipe description what a prefer for each recipe. A very necessary ingredient for a lot of sweets and cakes = is salt. Don’t be lazy with the salt. Especially when you make recipes using chocolate – it’s so necessary for a perfect taste..