Vegan Meringue Raspberry Cake

Vegan meringue raspberry cake – The best recipe:

Last summer I baked this beautiful meringue cake. This is a vegan meringue cake with raspberry cream in the middle and fresh seasonal raspberries on the side, and this recipe uses vegan ‘aquafaba’ (chickpea water) in place of traditional eggs. Is that possible? And does it taste good? Yes and yes! The taste is totally like a ‘normal’ meringue with traditional eggs – so, no weird taste of chickpeas at all. When I posted snaps from this cake in the summer, many of you were interested in how I got my meringue this consistency and which ingredients I used for it. So, here is the recipe if anyone wants to make it! Hope you’ll like it – and please let me know if you have any questions!

Meringue recipe:
• Water from 1 can of chickpeas (aquafaba)
• 3 spoon of sugar

~ Use an electric whisk and whisk the chickpea water for about 20 minutes (without sugar) and have a break. Then add the sugar carefully with a tablespoon one by one while you whisk about 15-20 minutes again until you have the right texture. Whisking constantly until thick and glossy – trust me, it’s necessary you have a lot of  patience! 🙂 Put the meringue on a baking sheet with baking paper and make the sizes around 12-15cm wide (like you see below). Bake for about 1 hour and 20 minutes at 110c degrees. Cool down at your kitchen table and make the cream recipe below.

Raspberry cream recipe:
• 1 vanilla pod
• 3 dl vegan soy cream
• 30g powdered sugar (can be omitted)
•  squeezes from half a lemon.
• half cup of fresh raspberries

~ Take carefully the vanilla out of the vanilla pod. Smash the vanilla with a tablespoon of the powdered sugar (carefully). Whisk the cream until it’s thick and ‘creamy’. Smash all the raspberries with a fork and add it to the bowl together with the vanilla “sugar” mixing and lemon. Mix all the ingredients carefully for a few seconds. Cool down in the fridge in 30-40 minutes before using.

When you’re about to serve, add carefully the cream on the cold meringue cirkels – one by one. It’s a very sweet cake, so you can easily add more sourness to it if you like that. Add raspberries on the side & decorate your cake with raspberries, other berries or flowers on top. As I said this is made in the summer season, but you can easily make it with other kinds of fruits or berries all time of the year.  ✧

Tip! Eat the cake the same day you’re making it. When the meringue is used like this it gets veryyyy soft easily, so don’t save it for more than a couple of hours!
vegan meringue mix
~ Vegan meringue in the making. Whip the cream until it’s thick and creamy. I also added some golden decoration for the layers. 

raspberries cake
~ Fresh seasonal raspberries from last summer.

vegan cake
~ Cream with lemon, vanilla, powdered sugar & raspberries.

Vegan Meringue Raspberry Cake
~ The cake layers in the making. SO fun making all the beautiful layers.

meringue cake eatable flowers
~ Hope you could use this ‘spring /summer’ cake recipe. I can’t wait for summer to come and make this again. Enjoy!


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