Full category index with the best vegetarian and vegan recipes.
Vegetarian, vegan, spicy, creamy, healthy – and tasty.. These recipes are full of luxurious treats.
You can find everything from salads, budget friendly vegan food, easy dinner recipes, vegans sweets and cakes. I hope you find inspiration even if you follow a vegan, keto or gluten free diet. A lot of the recipes are vegan and gluten free - but you can find vegetarian ideas as well. For me it’s about creating healthy green recipes that inspire everyone to live a meat free lifestyle.

I often make new recipes and hopefully I’ll share a few for you every week. Some of the recipes have been made many times the last years and will be improved continuously. I’ve always so many post its, article prints and open cookbooks in my kitchen full of all the recipes I want to make next. It’s colorful, healthy and easy recipes that inspires me. My list of recipes in ‘to do’ is pretty long - and I think it will always be. Inspiration and recipes is for me an endless and ongoing proces. Bon appetit!