Dinner collection with all my vegan main recipes.
There are loads of main-course recipes here, as well as ideas for starters, lunch, good leftovers, easy meals and some side orders. I love to make big portions for busy days and weeks. It’s so easy with the most of the main recipes. You just have to heat it and throw some toppings on there – and then you have a perfect quick and easy dinner. I use to make a big bunch of many of the stews, pastas or salad recipes. It’s a savior on busy days. This category is filled with a lot of recipes from my all vegan recipes section too.

I have so many recipes I’ll share with you in here the next months. Because mains is a big section I will make some more categories in this dinner category. I hope you’ll like the recipes! Luckily, I’m super humble and will just say that these main dishes are pretty delicious. Enjoy.