Smoothies and drinks

Colorful, tasty and healthy smoothie recipes.
I often enjoy smoothies for breakfast, as a healthier midday alternative, or even as a dessert. That’s why you can also find some of the recipes in my vegan breakfast section. Furthermore smoothies are always a savior after workouts. You can make them with a lot of protein like broccoli, whole foods and berries. These smoothie and juice recipes are both for experienced smoothie enthusiasts but also newbies will find a lot of inspiration and plenty of easy variations. Often I use spices for my recipes.
Trust me it’s insanely good.

Above all – to make tasty smoothies and drinks you’ll need to use seasonal fruits and vegetables. Always use fruits, vegetables and berries in season. It gives the best taste. But you can also easily use stored fruit directly from the freezer. It gives such a creaminess in the blend. Drink or eat the smoothie recipe in high glasses or in bowls. Finally I always include granola, muesli, peanut butter and other toppings.
So what are you waiting for.. Go blend!


healthy cacao bowls chocolate

Healthy Cacao Bowls

Healthy Cacao Bowls recipe full of all good fats: Avocados, bananas, hazelnuts, peanut butter and granola. These healthy and delicious cacao bowls are full of good fats and a lot of taste. You can easily season it and add ginger or orange for winter. In the summer I use to add a couple of strawberries to …

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banana smoothie caramelized

Peach and Banana Smoothie ~ Deluxe

One of my best and most deluxe smoothie recipes. This peach and banana smoothie is perfect for weekends or other slow days. This smoothie really kicks out the day and is filled only with all goodness. I’ve only used naturel healthy ingredients and for the smoothie recipe it’s filled with more spicy flavors. Ginger, vanilla, …

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peanut butter smoothies

Peanut butter smoothies

Smoothies with vanilla and cardamom. I made these peanut butter smoothies yesterday before bedtime – and wow, is was so good.. It doesn’t look at much, but the combination of banana, peanut butter, maple syrup, lime, vanilla and cardamom, is unbelievable good. The perfect creamy afternoon smoothie. Normally I would serve these in glasses with …

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smoothie bowls gallery

Smoothie bowls ~ gallery

Smoothie bowls ~ gallery For me smoothie bowls are seriously healthy eating and a perfect alternative on the go ✨ Sitting here posting smoothie pictures got me dreaming all the bowls were ready right now to eat the rest of the week… I really can’t get enough making these smoothies bowls – it’s so easy, it taste …

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Classic blueberry bowl

Classic blueberry bowl ingredients: • 1 frozen banana • 150g frozen blueberries or cubes (like on the picture underneath) • 1sp pumpkin seeds • 2,5dl (1 cup) almond milk Extra ingredients: • 2 sp homemade nut cream ala nutella (find my recipe here) • add 1 sp protein powder if you like ~ mix it …

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mango banana smoothie bowl

Yellow Mango Smoothie Kick

Yellow mango smoothie bowl – With turmeric and fresh ginger This mango smoothie is the best winter morning kick-start. This yellow smoothie are full of turmeric and fresh ginger! Decorated with coconut, crunchy biscuits, eatable flowers and blueberries! Yum. Get the recipe underneath: ~ Ingredients; frozen banana, half a mango, a tsp turmeric, juice from one clementine …

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