My absolute favorite category: Vegetarian and vegan breakfast.
In this category I’ve shared my recipes from easy weekday breakfasts, to slow luxury mornings in the weekend – or big brunching for special occasions. The most recipes here are actually pretty easy to make. So even though you’re craving for pancakes, smoothies or toasts – they are a saviour for those of you with busy mornings. Because many of the recipes only takes 5-10 minutes to make. How easy is that? So if you have a minute or two there’s no excuse not to eat a beautifully healthy breakfast every day. Some of the porridge and chia recipes you can also make them the evening before which makes a quick breakfast even quicker.

I really love vegetarian and vegan breakfast recipes, and as I said, I also make many of them in the afternoon. Because some of the recipes also belong to other categories you can find a lot of these breakfast recipes in my Smoothies or Snacks categories too. I hope these recipes gives some inspo for your next morning meal.