Recipes for healthy and delicious salad ideas:
The salad recipes I share with you are healthy and my absolutely favorites. I use different ingredients and seasoning to make the most joyous healthy salad recipes.
When I was younger I thought that salads only should be eaten raw, with no variations, and I felt salad quite boring to cook with. Today I use all varieties of lettuce. Everything from garden cress, endives, watercress, cabbage, spinach, romaine and fresh herbs. I learned that green salads could be tasty and interesting adding types of vegetables, pasta, legumes and wholesome grains. But also mixed salads incorporating with seafood. Today I eat vegetarian and partly vegan – so no seafood in my salads anymore, haha.

The most of my salads are – like traditionally – served cold, although some, such as this carrot and hummus salad, are served warm. If you want to make a salad dessert make a fresh fruit salad then with all the best seasonal fruit and berries you can find, topped with yoghurt and chopped dark chocolate. Mmm.