Vegan meatballs and patties

Recipe ideas for vegetarian and vegan food:
In this category I’ve shared all my vegetarian and vegan crispy recipes like meatballs, patties, bites and other meals. They are all meat free and some are filled with different kinds of vegetables like: Eggplants, zucchini, cabbage, potatoes or carrots. Often I add some grains or whole foods like beans, chickpeas and lentils. Because it gives a lot of proteins and rich taste.
I love the way that you can work with SO many different ingredients.  Every time I begin on a new meat free recipe my mind keeps getting new ideas on how you can make them different than the last ones. Because making vegetarian or vegan meatballs gives you so many possibilities and you can vary them endlessly.

Some of my recipes are 100% vegan – some are vegetarian. Some are dairy-free – some are gluten free (all recipes are often very gluten friendly, just replace with buckwheat flour). So if you follow a special diet, all my recipes should be very easy to adjust. Howsoever, I hope you can use these recipes. Please let me know in the comments on each recipe if you have any questions.


vegan pea patty bowl with potato salad

Vegan Pea Patties

Green and Healthy Vegan Pea Patties! Full of protein and you can add all vegetables you want. Served with a cold potato salad. You’ve asked for this recipe in such a long time, so here it is! A special pea patty version compared to traditional vegan patties. Simply just mix all ingredients together, form like …

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easy vegan broccoli bouquets

Vegan Deep Fried Broccoli

These Vegan Deep Fried Broccoli Wings are such an easy vegan recipe that both kids and adults will love for sure.I think it’s one of the best broccoli recipes I’ve made so far. So crispy and gets a broccoli wings texture aka vegan fried ‘chicken’. Beer-Battered, crispy, delicious and SO easy to make. You slices …

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vegan cabbage fritters micadeli

Vegan Cabbage Fritters

The most perfect cooked Vegan Cabbage Fritters recipe. Made simply with fresh shredded cabbage, carrots, turmeric, flaxseeds, flour, salt and pepper. I am beyond excited to share the recipe for these fritters. Because these fritters are one of the easiest things you can make, plus I think they will be some of your new favorite …

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cauliflower hot wings recipe

Cauliflower Hot Wings

In this Cauliflower Hot Wings recipe, the cauliflower florets are made with a batter of buckwheat flour and covered in a tasty soy sauce/ glaze – and sprinkled with sesame seeds. For all you cauliflower lovers that already eaten your own weight of cauliflower pizzas, cauliflower salads and Indian dahls. Here is a new one for you to …

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Sweet fried tofu

Fried caramelized tofu

This fried caramelized tofu recipe is totally unrelated to my summer celebrations. Never the less, it’s one of those recipes that literally screams like heaven no matter of season. Fried tofu combined with a sweet caramelized layer, a sour taste (lime juice), sesame seeds, cooked sticky rice and a drizzle spring onions. It’s very uncomplicated …

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chickpeas patty recipe

Chickpea patties

Easy vegetarian chickpea patties made with few ingredients. The perfect patty recipe for vegetarian burgers, in salads or with homemade dip. They’re healthy, full of proteins, and the cumin and barbecue flavor will make you fall in love with this recipe. This recipe is gluten free because I used oats instead of flour. Buckwheat flour …

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Quinoa patties

Vegetarian recipe for delicious and tasty quinoa patties – made with spinach and feta cheese. This recipe is easy to make and a great vegetarian alternative for classic meatballs or meat patties. These quinoa patties are full of protein because of the quinoa, spinach and oats. No flour is used, so a perfect gluten free …

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Vegan patties with harissa

Spicy and delicious vegan patties with harissa spice and a touch of paprika. I love that you can make this recipe, with ingrediens you already have in the kitchen. I always have ingredients like chickpeas, paprika, harissa spice + pesto flour, lemon, parsley, salt and pepper in my kitchen so I can almost always make …

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vegan bean sausages vegetables

Vegan bean sausages

Vegan sausages – The perfect texture and tasty for BBQ’s. I’ve wanted to make this recipe in a long time now and try out something more ‘meat’ kind of food. The finish result doesn’t taste like meat though, but have more a bean/paprika flavored taste. These sausages are made with a few vegetabels too: mushrooms, …

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black bean burger vegan

Black bean burger

Black bean burger patties – served with salad and mayo: Black bean burger – I can’t really think of a better sunday dinner treatment. Back from a weekend full of all kinds of delicious ideas to share with you, starting with these insanely awesome black bean burgers with simple salad ingredients and mayo. When I …

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best green patties vegetarian

Green patties

Easy and delicious green patties. These green patties are ao delicious and great for meat-free days. Vegetarian recipe with a lot of veggies and green ingredients. I’m just love with homemade hummus, pesto and green patties these days. Don’t think I can ever get enough. I’ve actually made this recipe out of the exact same …

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