Vegan meatballs and patties

Recipe ideas for vegetarian and vegan food:
In this category I’ve shared all my vegetarian and vegan crispy recipes like meatballs, patties, bites and other meals. They are all meat free and some are filled with different kinds of vegetables like: Eggplants, zucchini, cabbage, potatoes or carrots. Often I add some grains or whole foods like beans, chickpeas and lentils. Because it gives a lot of proteins and rich taste.
I love the way that you can work with SO many different ingredients.  Every time I begin on a new meat free recipe my mind keeps getting new ideas on how you can make them different than the last ones. Because making vegetarian or vegan meatballs gives you so many possibilities and you can vary them endlessly.

Some of my recipes are 100% vegan – some are vegetarian. Some are dairy-free – some are gluten free (all recipes are often very gluten friendly, just replace with buckwheat flour). So if you follow a special diet, all my recipes should be very easy to adjust. Howsoever, I hope you can use these recipes. Please let me know in the comments on each recipe if you have any questions.