Healthy snacks

Best healthy snacks, sweets and midday recipes.
Snacks or midday treats can be eaten any time of the week. A treat with a afternoon coffee, a glass of wine or weekend movie nights. Some of my healthy snack recipes like ice cream, granola bars or cookies can easily kept stored in the freezer. Some of my smoothie recipes will also appear here. Obviously because I also think smoothies are the ultimate quick treat and can easily be a saturday treat in my house. Snacks like flapjacks, ice cream or cookie sandwiches is just a fun little project. It doesn’t take too much active time making the recipes but they do need a couple of hours to firm up in the freezer. But I promise – it’s worth all the hard work. It’s a savior sometimes and probably the quickest and easiest sweet creation your mouth will ever experience. Yum.

I also try not to use sugar in my healthy snacks and sweet recipes. You can easily find naturel and healthier sweets from bananas, dates, peanut butter or nut butter. It gives so much taste and sweetness to the recipes and no kids (or adults) will ever notice.


healthy cacao bowls chocolate

Healthy Cacao Bowls

Healthy Cacao Bowls recipe full of all good fats: Avocados, bananas, hazelnuts, peanut butter and granola. These healthy and delicious cacao bowls are full of good fats and a lot of taste. You can easily season it and add ginger or orange for winter. In the summer I use to add a couple of strawberries to …

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cacao bowl recipe from micadeli

Cacao Porridge Bowl

Autumn is here and so are all the comfy warm recipes! This cacao porridge with bananas and almonds on top is the most delicious, indulgent, plant-based breakfast. So easy to make in ready in only 10 minutes. I mix oats with cacao powder, then add little chunks of almonds, banana slices and hemp seeds to …

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grilled eggplant aubergine

Grilled eggplants

Grilled eggplants – An easy and simple Spanish / Italian inspired aubergine dish for a starter, lunch or midday snack. Made with eggplant, tomatoes, hummus, green pesto, olive oil and fresh parsley. As I wrote to you I wanted a quick meal after coming home from vacation yesterday. And I got this idea from my stay …

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kale chips recipe

Kale chips

Crispy kale chips with salt is everything you need for your next healthy snack night, as a starter og to eat instead of traditional potato chips. Made with only 3 ingredients – and ready in 15 min. You can buy them cheap in the supermarket or you can make your own in 15 minutes. I will …

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healthy chocolate cookies with oats

Healthy Chocolate Cookies

Healthy chocolate cookies with oats. The best healthy chocolate cookies full of oats. A perfect afternoon biscuit snack with the gooey chocolate pieces! An easy recipe ready in only 15 min and taste incredible – warm out of the oven. I used a lot of oats for this recipe, a little more than traditional oatmeal …

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Flapjacks with dark chocolate

Sweet, gooey and crispy flapjacks. Flapjacks is one of my favorite snacks when life doesn’t need to be that healthy all the time. This recipe is full of sweet goodness, but you can easily omit the sugar ingredients and add some more healthy ones instead; coconut oil, dates, and peanut butter instead of plant butter …

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fig marmelade chia

Overnight chia with fig marmelade

Easy recipe for delicious overnight chia. Breakfast always used to be my favourite meal of the day but sometimes it’s still the meal I often find the trickiest. As most common breakfast foods either are really not healthy or contain dairy. Don’t get me wrong, I love juices, soy yogurt and berries or slices of …

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Avocado ice cream pops

Avocado ice cream pops with chocolate.  Sadly we can’t live on candies (sweets) alone, but that dosen’t mean we have to feel guilty for enjoying small treats from time to time. I like to use healthy ingredients, like nuts, fruits and whole grains, when we make candies and healthy fats such as olive oil or …

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vegan protein pancakes ice cream

Vegan protein pancakes with banana

Vegan protein pancakes: Delicious vegan protein pancakes. Mmmh does it get any better? Perfect for snack or breakfast. Use the recipe as protein pancakes or make them as normal banana/cinnamon pancakes without added proteins. Normally I never use protein powder for anything. Just because I like to find the proteins in more naturally products – …

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almond rosin snack healthy

Almond and rosin snack

Easy almond and rosin snack. Well.. It seems like the most of us have a love affair with snacking. Most of us eat a lot of ‘bad’ cravings during the day beyond all the good healthy snacks we all should eat instead; fruits, berries or rough bread. But there is one snack that seems to …

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healthy snickers bites chocolate

Healthy snickers bites

Healthy snickers bites Can friday candy really be a healthy thing? Well… These snickers bites could be a really good example. These small bites are very easy to make with only four ingredients: peanuts, fresh dates, peanut butter and dark chocolate! See recipe underneath: SNICKERS BITES RECIPE • 100g peanuts • 150g fresh dates • …

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kiwi chia berries

Kiwi Chia Dream

Kiwi Chia dream for breakfast or midday snacks I made this delicious Kiwi Chia recipe with kiwi and granola some days ago. It’s actually the same recipe like my original chia pudding recipe, but with kiwi in the side and some other topping. I’ve shared it again underneath. Luckily you don’t need that much chia …

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