10 x Satiated vegan recipes


Here is my collection of 10 x satiated vegan recipes that I make almost every month. They are easy and budget-friendly recipes that anyone can make. They are protein-rich and makes you feel healthy and satisfied all day long.

Almost every recipe here can be made in bigger portions and last 3-4 days. You can also make them for your lunch box and they are kid friendly as well. I hope you'll find some inspiration here.

Leave a comment below if you have any good tips and tricks for satiated vegan recipes.

vegan risotto creamy mushrooms

1. Vegan risotto with mushrooms

Creamy vegan risotto with mushrooms and spices - ready in only 20 min. One of my favorite weekend recipes or when friends are coming over. Can easily be made in bigger portions for 2 days.

2. Vegan chickpea 'tuna' salad

Delicious and juicy 'tuna' salad made with chickpeas. Perfect in salads or with toasted rye bread. Easy to make, protein-rich and satiated.

3. Vegetarian rice table with curry and toppings

Vegetarian rice table – served with all the best toppings: Rice, apples, pineapples, peanuts, coconut flakes, scallions, rosins – or what you have in your kitchen.

4. Vegan lasagna

Vegan lasagna – Traditional classic italian recipe for vegetables lasagna with homemade sauce.

5. Green Pasta Salad

Healthy and green pasta salad – made with fryed tofu, avocado slices, spinash, feta cheese (vegan version), green pesto, olives and lime. Add your own favorite ingredients - or use any leftovers.

6. Quinoa salad with radishes and mint

Quinoa salad with crispy radishes, edamame beans and mint. For this one serve some delicious flatbreads and a good green pesto.

7. Vegan Sri Lankan Curry

Vegan Sri Lankan Curry – a warm good recipe made with crispy tofu, peas, red pepper, spinach and other good vegetables. Served with wild rice.

8. Black bean burger

Vegan burger with burger patties made with black beans. Warm some burger buns, add a lot of good salad, red onions, tomatoes and your favorite dip.

9. Vegan falafel meatballs

Meatballs made of chickpeas and lentils - served in delicious flatbreads with hummus, cucumber, chili and parsley. Also a really good idea for your next lunch box or picnic. Mmmmh ...

10. One Pot Quinoa

I never get tired of slow cooking. Try out this One Pot Quinoa dish – made with eggplants, turmeric, ginger, coconut milk and a lot of vegetables. Creamy and easy.

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